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How to Make the Best Choice From a List of Roofing Companies

People who purchase a new home typically have a home inspection done before they settle on submitting their final offer. A professional inspector will include a roof inspection in their report, so most homes for sale will not have any current problems with the roof. The new owner of the home will probably not need to think about repairing or replacing the existing roof for at least 10 years or more.


The average life of an asphalt shingled roof ranges from 15 to 25 years depending on the quality of the shingles used. One of the first signs that a shingled roof needs attention is loosened or curling edges on the shingles, or a serious windstorm may blow several off if they have begun to loosen. Any of these issues is a sign that a roof may need to be repaired or even totally replaced.

Although asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing material used by modern roofing companies, other roofing materials have gained popularity within the past couple decades. Metal roofing materials are now manufactured to resemble various types of shingles. While metal roofs have at least double and sometimes triple the lifespan of asphalt shingles, the initial cost is considerably higher. A couple important advantages of metal roofing is that it is more resistant to wind damage and can prevent fire damage in the case of a nearby fire. Many home insurance companies offer a policy discount for metal roofed homes.

Some other types of roofing materials include clay or concrete tiles, slate and wood shakes or shingles. Slate and tile roofing is heavier than asphalt or metal roofing, so care must be taken to ensure the structure of the building can support the extra weight. The advantages of these tiles is that they are nearly indestructible and will perform well as long as the building stands.

Wood shakes are often made of cedar since this type of wood is rot resistant, although there is an increased fire danger with wood roofing. Wood shingles were used extensively before the availability of asphalt or metal roofing, and wood is very aesthetically appealing.

When a homeowner realizes the roof on their home is beginning to deteriorate and needs attention, they need to decide which type of roofing material is their best choice. Asphalt shingles is the material most roofing companies work with these days, and it is likely the type of shingles used for the existing roof. The homeowner may also consider replacing the roof with some other type of roofing than is currently in place.

Local home improvement stores usually have a list of professional contractors in the area, so they are probably the first place to look for qualified roofing companies. The store employees may also be able to recommend the most qualified contractors. The yellow pages and the internet are also good sources of contractor listings. One advantage of online searches is the company sites typically include reviews and comments from past customers.

Once the homeowner has found information about several professional roofers, they should call at least three to give them a bid on their project. The contractor will first inspect the existing roof to identify the severity of the problem. They may recommend repairing a problem area rather than replacing the entire roof. They should be able to give the homeowner specific advice if they are considering other types of roofing materials.

Location and climate have a lot to do with which type of roofing material is best. Homes in very cold climates where a lot of snow falls each year often do best with metal roofing. This is because snow slides off easily and eliminates damage from a heavy snow load. Homes located in the desert southwest are often roofed with clay tiles because they resist sun fading. Tiles can be designed to compliment the adobe homes that are common in that area.

Although some people don’t think much about their roof until they notice a problem, it really is important to the integrity of their home. A leaky roof can allow deterioration of the interior structures of a home which can cause serious and expensive damage.

What to Know About Commercial Roofing Contractors and Designs

It is unfortunate that the majority of roofs on commercial properties are often ignored until there is a large problem present, such as a leak or missing shingles. Unlike residential roofs, these commercial roofs will be neglected until the problem is large and must be repaired by professionals. While it is possible to complete roofing repairs independently, the majority of commercial roofing maintenance is difficult to manage because these roofs are not the easiest to access. Furthermore, the longer a business allows a problem to persist, the greater the need for professional skills and equipment to be used in the repair procedure.

Needless to say, having regular preventative commercial roof maintenance will save a great deal of money because the repairs will be kept to a minimum. Regular maintenance of both residential and commercial roofs will maintain the longevity of the roof meaning the roof will not need to be replaced as often. Of course, to find the correct contractors to provide this suitable maintenance it is necessary to take certain considerations into account. This article will examine the points to take into account when looking at commercial roofing contractors; as well as the different types of roofing designs used. It is important to look at the designs available because roofing style can influence the longevity and maintenance of the roof.

What Are The Considerations to Make When Choosing a Commercial Roofing Contractor?

Regardless of whether you are looking at having a commercial roof installed or repaired, it is essential that you choose the correct roofing contractor. By using the correct contractor, you can be sure that the job is on the way to being a success and not a failure. The first point to take into account is that the contractor has several years of experience with a strong reputation. Professionalism is essential and if the company has a bad reputation, the chances are that they will not provide the correct quality of services.

One method to identify the company or contractor’s standard of services is to read testimonials or speak to colleagues regarding this issue. A contractor presenting with positive testimonials on their official website demonstrates a degree of professionalism with high quality of customer service. Unfortunately, many official testimonials may be dishonest and misrepresent the company; therefore, it is recommended that you read reviews on a third-party review website before making a final decision.

Another factor to take into account is the cost of the service. Cost is a sensitive topic nowadays, irrespective of whether you are operating in the commercial or residential sector. It is highly recommended that you draft a budget beforehand as this will help determine which service is affordable and which is not. Furthermore, it is recommended that you obtain quotes from different contractors before making a final decision. The quotes should be customized and detailed including the discussion of insurance as part of a final payment.

A person may question why insurance is necessary when paying for commercial roofing repairs, but insurance is imperative as a safety procedure. When a contractor provides work insurance, they will provide coverage for you as an employer removing any liability should the worker experience injury “on the job”. No individual wants to experience injury, but accidents are unpredictable and it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

What Are The Different Types of Corporate Roofing Systems Available?

When choosing a roofing contractor, it is important that you consider the contractor in addition to the roofing system available. By understanding the different roofing systems on offer, you will be able to choose the contractor with the correct skills to deal with your problem. Below are the different commercial roof designs available:

• The Green Roofing System

One of the most popular roofing systems in today’s society is the green roofing system. This is a unique design because it utilizes vegetation as its primary covering. A beneficial design for smaller businesses because the cost of heating and cooling is reduced using the vegetation and its insulation. Unfortunately, the roofing maintenance is labor-intensive and requires a contractor with skills in this particular design for effective maintenance.

• The Metal Roofing Design

Arguably the most common roofing style is the metal roofing design. Metal roofs are designed using various types of metal materials including steel, copper, metal tile sheeting, and aluminum. This is beneficial option due to the reduced cost of installation, but it can be disadvantageous because of the vulnerability to rust when exposed to sunlight. This means that the steel will require additional layers of protective chemicals to prevent corrosion from sun exposure. Contractors must be aware of this and be willing to deal with these chemicals.


Signs It’s Time for Roof Repair

A solid roof is crucial for a cozy, warm, and leak-free home. Although the roofer may have given a service guarantee of at least 25 years, the roof still needs to be maintained and serviced regularly to prevent roofing emergencies. Simple tasks such as having broken shingles replaced, sweeping leaves and twigs off the roof, as well as washing it immediately after winter are some of the roof maintenance tips that can help your roof last much longer. Having your roof inspected at least twice a year also helps detect issues and potential problems should be addressed immediately to avoid a disaster. Some of the issues that call for immediate roof repair are discussed below.

1. Curling Shingles
Curling shingles, also known as cupping, are a clear indicator that you may need to have the shingles replaced, or even a new roof. Cupping is an initial sign of individual shingles wearing off and could lead to leaks into the house. Temperature fluctuations may cause cupping among other external factors. Consider calling a roof repair expert as soon as you start noticing roofing shingles cupping or clawing. The contractor may have to inspect the level of damage to determine whether they need replacing or its time for a new roof.

2. Water Stains in the Attic
A simple leak in the attic can cause massive structural damage to both the roof and the house. Detecting leak from the attic is relatively easy. You can either have the attic tested or just look for streaks of light getting in through the roof. Testing for dampness in the attic especially past the insulation points is also recommended. If there are water stains in the attic or can see light rays through the roof, it’s then time to call a roofing expert. Although small and simple leaks can be patched up, the contractor will need to test the entire roof for structural damage. Larger leaks may call for a part of the roof taken off and reinstalled afresh.

3. Granules in the Gutter
While your roof may seem perfectly ok and no signs of leaks, finding a bunch of granules in the gutters is an indication that the roof is deteriorating, fast. Unless it is a freshly installed roof, granules in the gutters mean shingles are wearing off fast and that they aren’t protected from direct sunlight. Manufacturers coat roofing shingles with granules to help improve their durability by preventing baking by the sun. If you notice granules in the gutter, then chances are your roof is halfway through its lifespan, and that you should start planning for a new roof.

4. Cracked and Missing Shingles
Although a common occurrence, cracked or missing shingles call for immediate fixing. This is particularly important if one part of the roof has broken shingles. The cracked shingles may be as a result of a poor installation job, or wind damage. A good roofing contractor should be able to identify the root cause and have it addressed in no time. Should you however find entire shingles missing, you then need more than just roof repair.

5. A Sagging Roof
A sagging roof may be due to a structural issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The problem could be with decking in the attic, or even worse, foundation supports. While you may not be in danger (yet), it would be wise to call your roofer immediately (if the roof is still under warranty). The roofer may have to reroof the house afresh or take on the necessary repair measures.

Moss and algae may create a habitat on your roof as well. While there may be no cause for alarm, it would be best if you considered having the roof washed to get rid of these microbes. Moss attract moisture onto the roof which not only makes it heavier but could also start decomposing the shingles.

Hiring a Roofer: What to Look For

Once confident that the roof requires fixing, it’s important that you find a good roofer to handle the repairs. If the roof is still under warranty, you can then call the roofer to have it fixed ASAP. If it is way past the guarantee provided, you will then have to hire a roofer yourself. Some of the basic qualifications to look for in a roofer include licensing, insurance, experience, expertise, and proper communication. Be sure to get quotes from several service providers to find the right one for the job.