What are included in a hardwood floor installation quote?
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What Are Included in a Hardwood Floor Installation Quote?

When hiring a professional flooring company, you’ll have access to a wide selection of available flooring options you can incorporate in your home. With these options come their rates. If you’re wondering what’s included in a hardwood floor installation quote, today’s post is for you.

A hardwood floor installation quote will be based on the size or square footage of the project. The quotation you’ll get from a flooring company will also largely depend on what kind of wood you choose and your location.

Why Hardwood?

Wood has always been the prime flooring choice among homeowners – and that’s for an excellent reason. Hardwood is known for its timeless appeal and durability. This means you can have hardwood for many years to come without compromising aesthetics and functionality.

This type of flooring material is also versatile and unique. The look manifests the original grain patterns from the original tree source, which translates to its distinct appeal.

How Much Does Wood Floor Installation Services Cost?

Based on 2019 flooring installation pricing, for something like pine, which is a softwood, the cost is up to $6 per square footage. For the mid-grade type of wood, such as oak, expect to pay up to $10 per square foot. When you go up to the exotic wood selections such as mahogany, canary wood, ebony, or bamboo, you may be looking at a cost between $9 to $16 per square foot.

The cost for hardwood floor installation will depend on your location, the size of your space, the materials needed, and the specific flooring company you’ll be hiring. The starting range is between $5 to $8 per square foot. The average cost for hardwood floor installation across the country is $4,400.

An Agreed Upon Flooring Quote Becomes a Binding Contract

When a flooring company or installer submits a written quote for your review, to which you deem agreeable, that flooring quote transforms into the binding agreement. The items included in the quote, which you and the contractor have agreed to, become the conditions that the project will abide by.

Therefore, it’s vital for you, the client, to carefully review and understand the hardwood floor installation quote before signing off on it.

Any vague or unclear items should be addressed. Any information that doesn’t fully explain the scope of the project may eventually lead to disagreements, delays, or worse, legal battles.

Hardwood Floor Installation Quote Items

This information should come in handy when you try to calculate a budget for hardwood floor installation. However, when you need to employ the services of a contractor, you may need more information to get an accurate ballpark figure for a flooring installation.

Here are the items you should see included in a hardwood floor installation quote.

The materials used in a flooring installation will dictate the hardwood floor installation quote.


Before a new floor can be installed, there may be an existing sub-flooring (old wood, carpet, tile, etc.) that needs to be taken out completely to make way for the new one. Will the removal of the existing floors be included in the service?

Do you need soundproofed floors? Do you need an underlay of any kind? All the preparation procedures must be laid out on the hardwood floor installation quote.

Size/Square Footage

While it’s the norm to base the cost of the project on square footage, is overage factored in? If so, will you, the client, be left with the excess supply of materials, such as spare boards, slats, etc.

Adjoining Spaces

If the scope of the project covers floors of adjoining rooms in the house, is there a difference in the height of the floor? If so, does the new flooring installation need to match the height of the neighboring room?


If you opt for unfinished hardwood, the quote should indicate what type of finish, sealing, sanding, and other finishing products will be used.

Hardwood floor installation project done by a professional.


All the types of formal assurances that come with the flooring project must be clearly stated on the hardwood floor installation quote.

Saving on Flooring Installation Costs

One good tip to save on flooring installation costs is to shop around and do your research. Have at least three types of wood and styles you would want and compare them. Be flexible and open-minded, and don’t just settle for what looks pretty, especially if it doesn’t match your needs.

Also, it’s practical to contact up to five contractors to get a hardwood floor installation quote. This will help you keep to your budget and see what type of local flooring installation companies are out there.